The Cinematic G.A.T.E.: Access & the Moving Image

Curriculum Vitae


M.A      University of California at Los Angeles, Moving Image Archive Studies          2013

M.A        University of California at Los Angeles, Cinema and Media Studies                    2005

B.A.      University of California at Santa Cruz, Film and Digital Media                              2001

Work Experience

Film Noir Foundation, Nancy Mysel Legacy Grant recipient                         2014-current

• Creating, designing & writing original work for the Tumblr account, selecting specific archival images & content as PR for different social media forums (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter)

• Building a Filemaker Pro-based database specifically attuned to the needs and wants of the Film Noir Foundation; ingesting data from Film Noir Festival and classic film history into database

• Investigating and exploring different media elements, past Film Noir Foundation festivals & Film Noir individuals’ histories; adding moving images, posters, text and documentation to database

• Audio/visual film preservation and restoration projects on actual deteriorating film elements such as Woman on the Run (Norman Foster, 1950) and The Guilty (John Reinhardt, 1947)

•  Serving as liaison at archival conferences, meetings, screenings, lab sessions to document & catalog restoration work/needs


Crawford Media Services,  Metadata Specialist and Quality Control                2014

• Metadata writing and quality control for archival videos within an online platform

• Assessment of classic newsreel footage with attention to detail and historical figures, moments, actors

• Use of descriptive cataloging and metadata standards to relay photographic images and accurate players, translating these details into a taxonomy of keywords for research accessibility in moving image footage.

• Utilize provided historical documentation about moving image footage in order to prevent metadata inaccuracies and to assist in creating a more tight and to-the-point historical document for each archival video.

UCLA Film and Television Archive, Cataloging Intern                                                2012

• catalog and ingest collection data into archival database via MARC

• analyze, organize and prioritize archival documents for processing into database

• input modern television collection data records into system with particular attention to format standardization and metadata accuracy

•  Particular focus on backlog collections and facilitate movement of those records smoothly and timely into the system

UCLA School of Theater, Film and TV, Digital Asset Coordinator                              2012

• Created manual for and instituted set of protocols for ingestion of digitized photographs and other visual materials for the history of the the School of Theater, Film and Television

• Analyzed and improved existing metadata conventions, applying them to photographic materials already in the database

• Worked one-on-one with IT department to retool and design more efficient system for visual image searches and location investigations

•  Heavy research on film and media alumnus and university figures relevant to the collection


Something Old, Something New film series, curator                                                           2012-2013

• Creative content decisions, title choices, theme concepts and names for each double feature (ie “Reluctant Cat Burglars: Hudson Hawke/To Catch A Thief,” “Quirky Couples: It Happened One Night/Vibes,”)

• Availability research, contact & scheduling 35mm prints for programs, consistent studio/film company relationships. • Social media, mailing list, other creative PR work to promote all shows, resulting in LA Times article

• Securing guests and prizes from local establishments for screenings- participants included editor Paul Smith, actor Ron Perlman and writer Daniel Waters, establishments included Wacko, Sony and Warner Archives, among others.

• Q&A moderation and raffle prize distribution

• creating shorts on iMovie post-event for the website

Digital Post Services, Media Vault Manager                                             2008-2010, 2011

• Maintaining files, database cleanup and client services using Xytech-based management software; established high communications with client team for needs from library

• Media library management, scheduling deliveries and pickups of time-sensitive and element-sensitive materials; created system to track sent packages from our house

•  Coordinate workflow of busy post production house needs from emails to completed projects to be picked up or sent out; design sign in/out sheet for materials to leave/return library


•  From Demon Computers to Cary Grant: The Warner Archive Collection at UCLA: Presentation on the film Safe in Hell  (1931), dir. William Wellman, Featuring Dorothy MacKaill and Noble Johnson – March 2012


No Cigarette Burns: Why Film Will Never Die – discussion of exhibition practices and the theatrical experience,  Feb, 2013,

Research Experience

This Woman’s Work: Gender and the Archive– on-going project centered on gender structures in the moving image archiving world, oral history, and academic-centered research – 2011-present

Professional Development

·       TCM Film Festival                                    Los Angeles, CA                        2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

·       Digital Asset Symposium               Los Angeles, CA                        2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

·       AFI Film Festival                          Los Angeles, CA                        2012, 2013, 2014

·       Screening The Future                    Los Angeles, CA            May 21-23, 2012

·       AMIA Annual Conference              TX, WA, VA, GA           2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

·       AMIA/IASA Conference               Philadelphia, PA                        Nov 2-6, 2010

·       Reel Thing                                        Los Angeles, CA                        2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


Professional Participation

·  AMIA Student Chapter, President – 2011-2012, 2012-2013

film series curation, social network mgmt. (Facebook, Twitter), public relations, press releases/engagement, sponsor relations/promotional engagements, event planning, celebrity guest relations and interviews, Q&A footage editing, financial and student grant/scholarship planning, coordination of monthly executive and group meetings, allocating projects to board and Chapter members

· AMIA Diversity Committee, member – 2012-current

assistance in deciding on annual conference event, student promotion for Three Dollar Bill Community Archiving Workshop, AMIA Conference, Seattle 2012, continued participation in expanding presence of Diversity Committee at AMIA

·  AMIA Access Committee, Chair – 2013-current

solicit project ideas and annual AMIA conference proposals from Committee, coordinate, meet, maintain and update information on Committee page, work with other Committee members on an annual basis in order to establish most critical points of moving image access to be worked on for the year


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