Progress Not Perfection: The Work of Ariel Schudson


During my career in archiving, a colleague once told me three very important words:


This website displays my ongoing work in that direction. All the work you will find here has stemmed from projects, films or topics that I have found to be meaningful or important. I’m not certain if that has held me back in my life, but I have always held out for the things that I thought were The Ones Worth Writing About and I have almost always taken an approach that seemed a little non-traditional because I felt that the material that I was working with deserved at least that much.

This site began as my official digital portfolio from the UCLA Moving Image Archive Studies program from which I got a Master’s Degree in 2013. It was separated into the following categories: Gender Issues, Alliance, Technology and Exhibition and examined my scholarship as a preservationist, tracing my academic growth during my graduate school career.

It has now transitioned to a digital way of presenting much of the work that I have created as a writer, social documentarian, preservation theorist and woman in media over the years and will continue to do so. I may continue to tweak the format a little as I go, but for now, I’m trying to update this site to reflect more of where I am now as an intersectional feminist, archival activist, film scholar and passionate media theorist.


Things to note:

-dates of posts are when they were originally posted to either this site, my sister blog Archive-Type: Musings of a Passionate Preservationist or as noted within the post (dates can get fuzzy within the blog-a-sphere and for many of us who began our work in the analog world). TL;DR, many items will be post-dated

-some works were originally posted on sites that no longer hold the materials. Welcome to the damn internet. I had a long running column about masculinity and the cinema called The Myth of Macho for a site called Crave Online. That site is still around in some form as of November, 2018, but much of my work has been wiped. Thus I am in the process of taking my favorite pieces from that column and reposting them here where I have control of them. Tl;DR, writers- digitally archive your stuff! Websites go down when you least expect it and you can lose it ALL!