Progress Not Perfection: The Work of Ariel Schudson

UCLA Graduate School Work

What lies below was the first introduction to this digital portfolio designed as a reflection of the completion of my work and academic skills in the UCLA Moving Image Archive Studies program.  The portfolio (and site) was originally called the Cinematic G.A.T.E. and retaining the section breakdowns is of significant importance to me as it reflects my work as an archivist, a writer and as a woman in the moving image field. Much of this work is dated and does not include advancements in the field technically, socially or cinematically. Please see any new works that I may be adding to this site for that.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” – Victor Hugo

The Cinematic G.A.T.E is a collection of multi-media works that reflect my time in the Moving Image Archive Studies program at UCLA. They focus upon the topics of Gender concerns, Alliance, Technology, and Exhibition, and while each of these topics are resonant on their own terms and inherently able to interrelate with one another, they are all collected under my principal career emphasis and the theme of this portfolio which is ACCESS. I have selected these four areas as the most salient categories with which to parse out my work and experience in the MIAS Program. Additionally, I feel that these topics significantly fortify my primary focus which is towards more positive and active forms of access within the moving image archiving community at large.

Main descriptive pages for each category may be accessed from the home page or via these links:

Gender Concerns




All work is laid out in a chronological format, meant to showcase scholarly development as well as the progress of certain aspects of the field, such as technological development. Notes framing each work within an academic, experiential and/or theoretical context can be found at the front of each piece as well as the date of original publication/submission. Special attention has been paid to note which literature was influential in the writing or research process at the time it was written, as well as what kinds of subject matter was being explored within the coursework via certain lecturers.


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