Progress Not Perfection: The Work of Ariel Schudson

Human Interventions and Technological Rescues: Digital Restoration of the Moving Image

This piece was written for MIAS 220: Archeology of the Media, taught by Professor Michael Friend for the Moving Image Archive Studies Program at UCLA during the Winter of 2013. “Before … Continue reading

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No Cigarette Burns: Why Film Will Never ‘Die’

This work was initially published as an OpEd piece in addition to my regular column, and may be found here at the original publication site at  Back in May of 1897, … Continue reading

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I Miss Talking in the Dark: Cinema, Technological Change and the Personal

I was highly inspired by a variety of the works I read within Professor Michael Friend’s MIAS200 Seminar, The History, Philosophy and Practice of Moving Image Archiving. The seminal “Nitrate … Continue reading

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